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Creston Livestock Auction Inc.

Creston, IA

Friday April 13th 11:00AM Special “All Class” Cattle Auction

w/ Special Bred Cow/Pair/breeding bull Auction

Early Listings..
Jamie & Lisa Swanson..35 Big Fancy Angus and Angus/Hereford x True F1X 1st calf heifers w/ big month old-6 week Angus or BWF calves @ side. All Tagged to match. Calves @ birth had 7-way, colostrum paste, multi-min shots. Heifers are on a complete Vacc program and custom mineral program. TOP set of quiet, fancy western origin pairs! Will sell @ 11:30 SHARP!

Steve Berch..30 Big fancy Angus (10) Red Angus (10) Angus/Hereford F1X (10) 1st calf heifers w/ big stout 200-250# calves @ side. All tagged to match.  Calves @ birth had C&D,1st defense capsules, multi-min shots. Heifers on complete vacc program! Nice set of big 1250-1300# western origin pairs!

Clint Brown..20 Big Angus 1st calf heifer pairs w/ big standup month old calves @ side. All tagged to match. Nice pairs.

Steve Shelly..4 Angus x hfrs with calves at side and 14 running age cows with calves at side, all tagged to match, nice quiet pairs!!

Roy Maeder..12 young Angus cows, bred Angus calving now, lost pasture lease

Dougherty Farms..8 Angus cows, bred Angus summer calvers


Randall Beck.. 3 Angus 18 month old bulls, LBW, heifer bulls, Top Bloodlines!

Mike Brentnall..2 Purebred Angus fall yearling bulls

Charlie Knoor…2 Purebred Angus 2 year old bulls


Lonnie Rasmussen..4 Angus fat steers 1300+

Cory & Ann Nannaman..18 fancy Angus fall steers 500-550# GT

Diagonal ..6 Ang/Hereford x fall calves GT

Many more consignments pending by ad time!

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