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Creston Livestock Auction Inc.

Creston, Iowa

Special “All Class” Cattle Auction

Friday April 20th 2018   11:00 a.m.

Selling a nice run of reputation feeders as well as all other classes of cattle!!!

Early listings..

Claire Newton..95 red ang/char x strs & hfrs 550-700# GT LTW

Rod Bastow..70 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 450-600# GT LTW

Dan Ide..30 Red Angus mostly strs 500-600# GT LTW

Hugh Whitson..28 Angus x strs & hfrs 550-700# GT LTW

Clifford Kaufman..26 Angus x fall strs & hfrs 500-650# GT LTW

Dave & Cathy..20 Angus x hfrs 600-650# GT LTW

Brian Scherer..19 Angus Fall strs & hfrs 500-600# GT LTW

Jeremy & Amy Novak..15 Angus/Hereford x steers 750-800# GT LTW

Cully Nichols..14 Angus x fall strs & hfrs 500-550# GT LTW

CT & Judy Kiley..11 Angus x fall strs & hfrs 450-550# GT LTW

Charlie Knoor..10 Angus steers 500-600# GT LTW

Troutwine & Kemery..6 Angus x strs & hfrs 400-450# GT

Max & Curt Johnson..6 Angus x strs & hfrs 500-600# GT LTW   

Many other cattle of all classes by sale time!!


Friday April 27th 2018

Regular Cattle Auction


Wednesday May 2nd 2018

Special “Back to Grass” Calf & Yearling Auction