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Creston Livestock Auction Inc. Creston, Iowa

Special “Grass Time” Cattle Auction

Friday June 1st 2018    11:00 a.m.

A Super Offering of All Classes Of Cattle!!!

Calves & Yearlings…SELL FIRST AT 11:00 a.m.

Gary & Val Bailey..160 Outstanding Western origin yearling steers 800-850#

Cadle & Belcher Families…110 angus strs & hfrs 500-650# GT LTW

D & J Farms Villisca, Iowa 65 Angus x yearling steers 800# Reputation, off grass

Brian Christensen..60 Angus x mostly heifers 600-700# GT LTW

Steve Bergren..40 Angus x steers 750-800#

Derek Drake..40 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 500-600# GT LTW

Eblen & Sons..40 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 600-700# GT LTW

Heidi Carlson & Gary Loomis..38 Ang x & char X fall strs & hfrs 450-600# GT

Nick Bence..35 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 600-700# GT LTW

Davidson & Quick..33 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 500-600# GT LTW

Berkley & Allison Davidson..33 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 500-600# GT LTW

Mitch Boyson..31 Angus x steers 650-700# GT LTW green, Running out

Adam Dredge..30 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 450-550# GT LTW

Jerry Ecklin..30 Angus x strs & hfrs 650-750# GT LTW

Dave & Cathy..30 Angus x steers 550-600# GT LTW

Andy Babinski Jr…30 Angus x steers 600-700# GT LTW

Kory & Ann Nanneman..25 Angus x Fall heifers 450-550# GT LTW

Chad Becker, Becker Beef..20 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 500-700# GT

Stalcup Farms..20 Charlois hfrs 600# GT LTW

Pat McAlexander..18 Angus x Fall strs & hfrs 500-700# GT LTW

Randy Golightly..15 Simm x strs & hfrs 500-600# GT LTW

Mike Gourley..14 Angus x strs & hfrs 500-650# GT LTW

Dan Kropf..14 Angus x strs & hfrs 600-750# GT LTW

Theresa Blazek..14 Angus x strs & hfrs 650-850# GT LTW


Clint Travis..85 Big Fancy mostly Nichols Sired Angus 1st calf heifers with Big 200-250# Nichols Sired Calves at side, All calves Tagged to match with DOB info on tag. A top set of REPUTATION well cared for Heifer Pairs!!

Jamie & Lisa Swanson..25 Big Fancy  Angus x 1st Calf Heifers with Big Calves at side, Calves all Vacc. & Tagged To Match, Heifers on Custom Mineral Program. REPUTATION

Brown Farms..40 Angus x running age cows, about with calves at side, balance calving now. DISPERSAL, Due to sale of Farm

Hoffman Family Farms..15 Angus x Running Age Cows with Big Calves at side & 8 Char x & Red 1st Calf Heifers with Big Calves At Side. Vacc & Tagged to Match

Steve Berch..15 Big Fancy BWF 1300# 1st calf heifers with 200# calves at side and 15 Angus x Few Red x 3-4 Year old Cows With Big Calves At side. Vacc & Tagged to match

Scott Evans..4 Angus x running age cows with calves at side.

Vinton Red Angus..1-Two year old and 2- yearling Red Angus Bulls, Top Bloodlines for more info on these call 515-229-1796

Many other Cattle of all classes by sale time!! Please come join us for this outstanding Auction!!!