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Creston Livestock Auction Inc.

Creston, Iowa

Special “Harvest Time” Calf & Yearling Auction

Wednesday October 3rd 2018   11:00 a.m.



Larry, Brett & Jonathan Weis..330 Angus x Red Angus x Yearling steers 800-900# Off Grass Reputation

Walt Glynn Family..225 Angus x & xbred yearling Steers 750-825#

Lenox..130 Angus x yearling steers 800-850#

Lyle Frey..120 Angus x yearling Steers 750-850# Off Grass

Gary & Val Bailey..65 Angus x yearling Steers 750-800#

Bob Berch..60 Angus x yearling hfrs (40) & Strs (20) 700-800# Off Grass

Douglas Land & Cattle..55 Angus x home raised Steers & Heifers 750-850#

Boyson Farms..45 Angus x yearling Steers 750-800#

Clint Scott..42 Angus x Yearling strs & hfrs 800-900#

Daniel Hoffman..25 Angus x yearling strs & hfrs 650-700# off grass

Gibbs Ranch..25 Angus x preg open Heifers 850-900#

Clint Brown..23 Angus x preg open heifers 900-950#

Will Gordon..21 Angus x Yearling Steers 750-800# off grass

Wayne & Jerry Oxley..18 Home raised Angus heifers 900-950#

Dave & Cathy..16 Angus x yearling heifers 650-700# off grass

Jim Dickerson..15 Angus x strs & hfrs 800-850#

Bradley Angus Farms..15 Angus x yearling steers 750-800# Off Grass

Jerry Ayers..15 Angus x yearling hfrs 700-800# GT Running Out

Allen & Candi Tanner..11 Angus x preg open heifers 800-900#

Diagonal..11 Angus x yearling steers 700-800#

Jamie Swanson..10 Ang/Hereford x yearling Strs & Hfrs 800#

Rick Pettit..6 Angus preg open heifers 850-900#

John Tapken..8 Angus x Yearling Steers 750-800#

Keith Morris..8 Angus x steers 800-900#

Russell E. Wachter..3 Xbred yearling Steers 800#

Brian Herzberg..3 Red Angus preg open heifers 800-900#


True Family Farms..115 Angus x strs & hfrs 400-550# Spring Shots

Dwight Wetzel..90 Angus x strs & hfrs 500-650# GT, Boostered

Marta Saveraid..85 Angus x strs & hfrs 400-550# GT

Dale Walters..55 Angus x Nichols Sired Steers 550-650# GT, Boostered, Weaned 60 Days

Josh Bashaw..30 Angus x strs & hfrs 450-550# GT

Dan King..30 Angus x strs & hfrs 400-600# GT LTW

Gary Morris..29 Ang x High Point Genetics Steers & Hfrs 450-550# GT

David & Gentry Graham..20 Angus/Hereford x Steers 600-700# GT, Weaned 60 days

Caleb Hoakison..20 Angus/Hereford X strs & hfrs 500-600# GT LTW

Tapken & Tapken..17 Angus x strs & hfrs 350-500 GT

Shawn Allen..15 Angus x strs & hfrs 450-500# GT

M & J Farms..15 Angus x steer calves 450-500# GT LTW

Ron Wilkinson..12 Angus x strs & hfrs 450-500# GT

Grant City..12 Angus x strs & hfrs 450-500# All Natural

Deb Quick & Toad Tull..10 Angus x Werner sired strs & hfrs 500-550# GT

Alex Stephens..7 Angus x strs & hfrs 500-550# GT LTW

Leonard Headings..4 Angus x hfrs 500-550# GT LTW

Many Other Outstanding Calves & Yearlings by Sale Time!!

For More Info Call: Tom Frey 641-344-5082 Cody Frey 641-344-6112 Brandon Frey 641-782-0633