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For information, contact us at the office at
Phone: 641-782-7025
Fax:  641-782-3370

Please feel free to send comments or suggestions!

E-mail: claauction@iowatelecom.net

Our address is:  P.O. Box 162   201 N Cherry St.
        Creston IA  50801

Contact Persons:

Tom Frey- Owner/Auctioneer 641-782-2423 (Home)
Dave Shiflett- Representative 660-564-3663(Home)
641-344-5207 (Cell)
Bob Crittenden-Representative (Afton Area) 641-347-8898 (Home)
Darrell Perry- Representative (Osceola Area) 641-414-1980(Cell)
Steve Bergren- Representative (Red Oak Area)712-789-0847 (Cell)
John Shuler- Representative (Corning Area)712-520-0177 (Cell)
Cody Frey- Yard Manager 641-782-7025
Alma Swanson- Office Manager 641-782-7025